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14 Best Tips Before Buying a Scooter

1. Safety Comes First

We always want our kids to have fun, freedom and explore such physical activities as much as possible like riding a scooter. But the basic thing is to think deeply and find out the best ever ways for your kid’s safety as we know safety comes first. When you intend to buy a scooter for your toddler, first check that it should be coming with all the proper equipment, significant safety measures and features along with it. Make sure that the brakes & safety grips are in order and scooter must be assembled properly as per the manual guide.


2. The Outlook of the Scooter

The appearance and design of the scooter is one of the most important factors from a toddler’s point of view. So it should be eye-catching and appealing for them. For instance, boys love having their favorite superheroes or cartoonic prints / designs / themes on their scooters and girls like girlish kind decorated with other colorful accessories.


3. Durability

Durability is a key feature in buying a scooter. You need to asses if the scooter you are going to buy is durable and strong enough in manufacturing so your toddler can use them for long. On the other side, this thing may lead you to spend money again for your toddler.


4. Money Saving Bargain

Moreover, if its durable enough then our next toddler can also use it and it can become a big money saving bargain. Let’s calculate the scooter’s price per year or per child and it will prove to cost us really low. A big money saver in the long run for sure.


5. Adjustability

kids keep growing gradually as all we know so that this process demands an adjustable scooter matching with their growing experiences. The best scooter for toddlers is that which can be adjusted with their seat, handlebars and can go up vertically according to the kid’s current height. If its handlebars can elevate the height then it can be very profitable for us because our toddler can use it with their growing age.  


6. Height and Weight matters a lot

The most important thing to do before buying a scooter is to compare it with our toddler’s height and weight with the chosen scooter. You can’t just go by the looks, price and durability. If it’s not according to our toddler’s age, height and weight then it can be broken any time. If your kid is bulky, try to choose a scooter made of solid material which can carry and bear your toddler’s weight.


7. Scooters with 2, 3 or 4 Wheels

There are 3 types of scooters available in the market like two, three and four wheels. Now it’s up to you what you choose for your kid. You have to think what is suitable according to his/her age, for example, toddlers and preschool kids need three or four wheelers because they are still in the learning process and don’t have the ability to balance properly. On the other hand, kids who are above toddlers and preschoolers love to have a two-wheeler. As they already learn how to control and balance.


8. Electric and Kick Scooter

Kick scooter is ideal for early learners. There is no match for it. It is lighter and easy to control and to carry. Your toddler would love being in command. Also, this scooter doesn’t need to be charged before use.

On the contrary, Electric scooter runs in speed, that’s why its suitable for older kids and teenagers. As they have the ability to control it. This kind of scooter works with motor and battery. It’s a bit expensive because of its nice features. This scooter can run up to 15 mph which is a safe and appropriate speed level.


9. Types of Wheel

The wheel material decides which can be the controlling device or machinery of the scooter. Try to avoid buying a scooter with plastic made wheels, even though they are low-cost. They look strong but they are not tough enough to hold the surface up well. Always prefer rubber or urethane made wheels. They can provide more smooth, safe and fast riding.


10. T-bar Handles

T-bar handles are used for gripping the handles tightly. It gives comfort and it prevents from scratches or blisters to the little and delicate hands of your toddler. They are usually made of foam or rubber which is coated with the metal to the handlebars. When the foam made T-bar handles contact to the ground, it can create a scratch.
On the other hand, rubber made grips are far tougher and long lasting and it doesn’t catch or absorb dust quickly. Protect hands from scratches and injuries. So it’s a better choice for sure.


11. Brakes

Breaks play a very vital part in a scooter though kids usually use their feet to stop or lessen the speed of their scooter but it’s not a good idea at all. It can tear their shoes or can hurt their feet as well. So make sure that the scooter you are going to buy should have best features including brakes. It can prevent sudden collisions. And top of that the kid feels free to enhance his/her speed fearlessly.


12. Portable and folding Scooters

When you go out for an outing or somewhere else, portable and folding scooters are the best choice. If the scooter you are going to buy is made with the urethane material and aircraft grade aluminum then It’s fine because this kind of material is not only durable and portable but also lightweight.


13. Replaceable Parts

Wear and tear happen with the passage of time, no matter how durable and costly your scooter is. It is a natural procedure, but you don’t have to worry about it because we have the solution. The broken, loosened and wasted parts can be replaced with the new ones. For example, famous brands like Razor and micro sell new parts.


14. Deck Height

Kids keep falling from their scooters in their early learning process from time to time, it’s natural. So the deck height should not be too high for toddlers as it can hurt your kid more when he/she falls. You just need to do is, try to lessen the possibility of getting hurt in case of falling. The distance between the deck and the floor decide if the rider would get hurt or not. If the distance between the deck and the ground is more, the chance of getting hurt increases. Because the toddler will face difficulty to get on and kick off the ground while scooting.
So we are here to share a common piece of advice on how to choose a perfect scooter’s size according to your toddler’s current age and height.


Scooter’s sizes according to their ages and height

Toddler  Age

Estimated Height

Scooter Height

2-3 years old
3-4 years old
5 years old
6 years old
7 / 7+ years old

3’ 1”

1’9 or lower
1’9” or a slightly higher
1’9” to 2’2”
1’9” or a slightly higher
2’2” to 2’4”


Here are some honest reviews

Wise people always think well and buy well. So you need to go through the reviews before coming to your decision. An honest feedback and people’s personal experiences about the relevant product makes your choice easier.

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